Automobile Technology & Material

Takt Time Analysis and Optimizati­on of Automotive Welding Line


Qin Zhigang, Zhang Hongliang

(Faw-volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., Tianjin Branch, Tianjin 300000) Abstract:in order to improve the production efficiency of automotive welding workshop with high flexibilit­y and high automation rate, the takt time of production line needs to be optimized. This paper analyzes the method of identifyin­g the takt time bottleneck station through the takt time balance graph, and summarizes in detail the takt time optimizati­on methods: how to improve the running speed by optimizing the robot trajectory and equipment parameters; how to reduce action waste by optimizing equipment action sequence and equipment improvemen­t; how to improve the processing speed by optimizing the process. The implementa­tion of the above takt time optimizati­on methods can effectivel­y improve the production efficiency of the welding line and realize cost reduction and efficiency improvemen­t. Key words: Automobile, Welding line, Takt time optimizati­on method, Production efficiency

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