Experimental Research on Effect of Diesel Injection Pressure on Multicylinder Homogeneous Charge Induced Ignition

Li Siyuan, Sun Ke, Yin Wei, Yang Bin, Li Guoxiang

Automobile Technology - - 汽车技术 -

Shandong University, Jinan 250061) (

In this research, homogeneous charge induced ignition (HCII) operating simultaneously in all cylinders of【Abstract】a six- cylinder diesel engine was achieved to explore the characteristics of multi- cylinder HCII. The combustion and emission performance under several diesel injection pressures (DIP) was analyzed with experiments in detail. Results show that increasing DIP can improve the combustion of HCII, however, with overly high DIP, combustion delay will shorten sharply. When DIP varies from 60 MPa to 140 MPa, the effective thermal efficiency of HCII maintains above 40% throughout the whole period, with increase range limited to 0.45 percentage points. Thus, HCII is insensitive to DIP variation. The soot emission of HCII mode with DIP at 60 MPa is less than that of diesel mode with DIP at 140 MPa, so HCII mode could use lower DIP to meet the requirements of emission regulations.

Key words: Diesel engine, Multi- cylinder operation, Homogeneous charge induced ignition, Diesel injection pressure

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