Research on Cavitations of Variable Flow Oil Pump of Gasoline Engine

Hu Yunping1, Tang Juan1, Shi Xiuyong2, Liu Wenting1

Automobile Technology - - 汽车技术 -

1.Liaocheng University, Liaocheng 252000; 2.Tongji University, Shanghai 201804) (

A CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model of one gasoline engine vane- type variable flow oil pump【Abstract】was constructed with PUMPLINX. Simulation and experimental validation were conducted to analyze the cavitation phenomenon in vane- type variable flow oil pump. The results indicate that cavitations mainly appear at the entrance of pump chamber. The cavitation becomes serious as engine speed increases. In addition, the main component of cavitation bubble is incondensable gas. The volume fraction and volume fraction distribution of the cavitation bubble in pump chamber and the flow rate of the pump exit were compared under different oil gas content, different oil temperature, different oil viscosity, different entrance pressure and different pump entrance structure. The results show that oil gas content, entrance pressure and entrance structure of the pump have critical influence on cavitation level. The parameters of the working media have less influence on cavitation level. Cavitations can be improved by reducing oil gas content and increasing the entrance pressure.

Key words: Gasoline engines, Oil pump, Cavitation

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