Research on the Response of Off-road Vehicle Cab Bottom Plate under Explosive Blast Wave

Shi Bingliang1,2, Wang Xianhui3, Pan Chaofeng1, Zhang Ming3, Zhang Yuanzheng2

Automobile Technology - - 汽车技术 -

1. Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013; 2. Automobile Proving Ground of Army, Nanjing 210028; 3. Nan Jing ( University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094)

In order to explore the response of off- road vehicle cab bottom plate under the non- contact blast wave of【Abstract】improvised explosive devices like mine, etc., Arbitrary Lagrange Euler (ALE) algorithm was employed. The change of the response caused by the mass of explosive, thickness of bottom plate, parameters of materials have been analyzed under the vehicle environment. The research results show that the stress and acceleration response of vehicle cab bottom plate under the blast wave will enhance with the increasing of the mass of explosive and the reducing of the thickness of bottom plate, and elasticity modulus and poisson’s ratio of cab bottom plate material are the key parameters, and sensitive area of cab bottom plate has been identified, which provides reference to the optimization design of anti- explosion bottom structure of vehicle cab.

Key words: Off-road vehicle, Cab bottom plate, Explosive blast, Structural response

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