Automobile Technology

Lane Changing Trajectory Planning for Intelligen­t Vehicle Based on Steady Steering Characteri­stics

- Zhang Xinfeng, Li Chuanyou, Xia Bake

Zhang Xinfeng1,2, Li Chuanyou1,2, Xia Bake1,2 1. Key Laboratory of Automotive Transporta­tion Safety Enhancemen­t Technology of the Ministry of Communicat­ion, ( Chang’an University, Xi’an 710064; 2. School of Automobile, Chang’an University, Xi’an 710064) Abstract In order to improve the safety of the lane changing of intelligen­t vehicles on the expressway, this paper【 】analyzes the steering characteri­stics of the vehicle at high speed and limited the maximum curvature of the lane changing trajectory curve to prevent the vehicle from slipping during the lane changing. The paper analyzes the influence of traffic vehicles on the safety of lane changing and uses the polynomial function for the lane changing trajectory planning, and uses vehicle lateral accelerati­on and lane changing time as the optimizati­on variables of optimizati­on function. A lane change model based on steady state steering characteri­stics and lane change safety distance is establishe­d. The trajectory of the lane change is simulated by MATLAB and CarSim software. The simulation results show that the lane changing trajectory can safely and smoothly realize the lane changing behavior of intelligen­t vehicles. Key words: Intelligen­t vehicle, Lane changing, Trajectory planning, Steering characteri­stics, Safety distance model

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