Automobile Technology

Multi-objective Optimizati­on of Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid Electric Bus


Based on Actual Road Conditions Gao Jianping, Sun Jiahui, Xi Jianguo, Ren Dexuan

Gao Jianping, Sun Jiahui, Xi Jianguo, Ren Dexuan Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471003) ( Abstract In order to solve the problem that the fuel economy and emission performanc­e of Hybrid Electric Bus【 】(HEB) energy management strategy optimized based on standard driving cycles are not fully utilized under the actual road conditions, we collect the actual driving data of bus S122, synthesize the representa­tive typical driving cycle by using the driving cycle constructi­on method that combines principal component analysis and fuzzy clustering. Based on the actual driving cycles, we use multi- objective particle swarm optimizati­on algorithm to optimize the vehicle control parameters, then make the driver- in- the- loop semi- physical simulation test with the optimized energy management strategy. The simulation results show fuel consumptio­n is reduced by 8.19% and the comprehens­ive pollutant emissions is reduced by 8.63%.

Key words: Hybrid electric bus, Driving cycle, Multi- objective particle swarm optimizati­on, Semi-physical simulation verificati­on

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