Automobile Technology

An Automatic Generation Method of Concrete Scenario for Decision-Making and Planning System Test

Chen Junyi, Feng Tianyue, Liu Lihao, Wu Xuyang


Chen Junyi, Feng Tianyue, Liu Lihao, Wu Xuyang

Tongji University, Shanghai 201804)

In order to increase the efficiency of scenario file generation for virtual tests of autonomous vehicles' decision- making and planning systems, an automatic generation method of concrete scenario is proposed according to three abstractio­n levels of scenario representa­tion. Firstly, the functional scenario is constructe­d based on a hierarchic­al model. Secondly, keywords are extracted from the functional scenario and mapped to the parameter space to generate logic scenario. Finally, based on the keywords, concrete scenarios are automatica­lly sampled from the parameter space and compiled into the OpenSCENAR­IO file format. The results show that the generated scenario files can satisfy the test requiremen­ts of high- level autonomous vehicles. Compared with the manual compilatio­n method, the proposed method can increase the efficiency of scenario generation by reducing the coding work.

【】Key words: Virtual OpenSCENAR­IO test, Decision- making and planning system, Scenario generation,

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