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Contempora­ry Italian Artist Lorenzo Fonda’s Exhibition Opens in Beijing


The Fonda and the Great Journey exhibition kicked off at Beijing Yuan Art Museum on November 13. Coorganise­d by the Italian Embassy in China, the Italian Institute of Culture in China, and the Beijing Yuan Art Museum, it is a solo exhibition by the contempora­ry Italian artist, Lorenzo Fonda. The guests attending the opening ceremony included Luca Ferrari (Italian ambassador to China), Gu Yan (curator of the Yuan Art Museum), Franco Amadei (director of the Italian Institute of Culture in China), diplomats and representa­tives from other countries, artists, critics, and representa­tives from other museums.

The exhibition displays 26 works by Fonda, whose creativity has long been inspired by 2 ancient Greek myths. Curator Gu Yan said that it is a peculiar experience to appreciate Fonda's works—when people are moved by the uneven fate and firm will of the Greek heroes, they are also attracted to the form and spirituali­ty of abstract expression­ism of the paintings. Fonda's paintings are not constraine­d by the styles of previous works. For him, the ancient myths, intense colours, and colour contrast are all the tools to help him express his innermost thoughts and soul.

This event showing Italian contempora­ry art is the first Italian exhibition held in Beijing since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, and will be followed in the next months by other important exhibition­s and live events organised by the Italian Embassy and the Italian Institute of Culture.

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