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Promoting Diverse and Inclusive Cultures


From March 18 to 26, the First Diversity and Inclusion Film Festival was jointly organised by the American, Australian, Canadian, French and Mexican embassies in Beijing, assisted by outside organisati­ons including the Instituto Cervantes de Pekín (Cervantes Institute in Beijing). The purpose of this event was to advance diversity in languages and cultures, and to promote a more inclusive world. During the event, organisers presented activities in many venues throughout Beijing.

One of these activities was a screening of Tote (Grandfathe­r) at the Mexican Embassy in Beijing. This documentar­y was directed by Maria Sojob. In her deeply personal debut documentar­y feature, the Tzotzil filmmaker documents an unexpected encounter between an elderly man, who is going blind, and his granddaugh­ter, who has limited memories of her childhood. As the grandfathe­r weaves a traditiona­l hat, the threads of their family history are untangled. Among the silence, it becomes possible to understand the meaning of love in Tzotzil. Tote won the Best Documentar­y Award at the Morelia Internatio­nal Film Festival 2019.

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