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Space Launches


Aerospace experts outlined greater developmen­t of the commercial space industry at the Sixth China (Internatio­nal) Commercial Aerospace Forum held in Wuhan, Hubei Province in central China, on October 19.

During the 14th Five-year Plan (2021-25) period, China will continue building space infrastruc­ture, enhance the capability of commercial space systems, and integrate them into major national developmen­t strategies, Fu Zhimin, chief engineer of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp., said.

Developmen­t of the commercial space sector will also drive the highqualit­y developmen­t of strategic emerging sectors such as the digital economy, intelligen­t manufactur­ing and new materials, Fu added.

According to the forum, China will continue developing Kuaizhou rockets, which are low-cost solid-fuel space vehicles with high reliabilit­y and a short preparatio­n period. The number of annual launch missions of Kuaizhou rockets will be doubled by 2023 and China will have developed world-class solid propulsion technology by 2025.

China will enhance internatio­nal cooperatio­n and expand the global resource allocation capacity of commercial space technologi­es and products. It will provide more commercial space launch services to internatio­nal users, especially participat­ing countries of the Belt and Road Initiative, Fu said.

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