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春天开业起, Bistro 321 by Le Bec就一直生意红火,无论午市还是晚市,不提前订位就一定要等。在餐饮市场不甚繁荣的2014年,新开店又没有大肆宣传却能有此表现,要归功于店主Nicolas Le Bec和妻子Yu带领的团队的努力。许多 Bistro 321 by Le Bec的顾客都是慕名而来, Nicolas曾在法国里昂开设餐厅并荣膺米其林二星的殊荣,这是他在上海开设的第一家餐厅。难能可贵的是,他主动关掉了法国的星级餐厅搬来上海。因此每天 Nicolas都坐镇厨房,亲自烹饪。Le Bec夫妇对餐厅有明确规划,不仅有小馆式Bistro,也有 Fine Dining 区域。到搁笔时, Villa Le Bec 区域还没有完全对外营业。不过单凭Bistro 321 by Le Bec,就已经够得上是年度最佳新餐厅。偌大的庭院及绿荫环绕的露台,耳边法语萦绕,让人错觉似乎身处法国。菜式以南法风味为主,体现Bistro 精神。Nicolas加入诸多创新元素并融入亚洲风味。多款自制罐头各有独特风味,法式传统Bourgeois 选择也很多,牛肉鞑靼包裹在生牛肉薄片中的招牌和牛肉鞑靼,不可错过。主厨天天下厨,每次出品都稳定。最好是晚上来,气氛越晚越热闹,尤其走到Bistro的二楼饮酒区,三杯下肚人人都是好朋友, Le Bec夫妇还会不时来打招呼,怎能不开心。

从Since its opening in this spring, the low profile Bistro 321 by Le Bec runs very well thanks to the efforts by the team led by the owner and Chef Nicolas Le Bec and his wife Yu. Nicolas used to run a Michelin 2- star restaurant in Lyon. But he shut it down and moved the whole family to Shanghai. People can see Nicolas cooking in the kitchen in person everyday. Awarded as the Best New Restaurant, Bistro 321 by Le Bec enjoys a stylish and elegant environment featuring a spacious yard and a lush terrace. Murmuring French round you gives a touch of romantic French flavour. Southern-French style Bistro dishes are added with a number of creative elements. Some are mixed with Asian flavour. Homemade canned food, half-cooked cognac duck liver with French country bread, Provencal styled mushroom with vinegar, garlic and salvia are must ordered signatures. Also, You can’t miss the Tartare de Boeuf Wagyu here. Moreover, quality dishes are quiet reasonable.

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