Eatalia Carpe Dime

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Eatalia的理念交织着时尚、幽默和创造力,菜品设计出自意大利主厨Francesco Giordano。


Eatalia拥有两家分店。五道口店位于学院云集的五道口地区的华清嘉园,吸引了来自全球各个国家的食客和喜欢意大利菜的年轻人。地安门店依然秉承第一家店的特质,坐落于北京市中心的皇城根脚下,处于闹中取静的胡同口。意大利主厨 Francesco Giordano曾在罗马的米其林一星餐厅La Terrazza餐厅和泰晤士河旁的米其林三星餐厅任职,同时也曾在伦敦四季酒店和罗马的皇家美丽殿酒店任总厨。最有特色的是饼底又薄又脆的披萨,配合浓厚的芝士,极具口感。四种白披萨以合伙人的名字命名: La Nana、Marione、Gianni、Il Cedrico,饼底撒上马苏里拉芝士和奶油。XL尺寸最多可以同时做5种口味,满足各类人的需求。

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The right place to enjoy authentic Italian dishes at a reasonable price in a relaxed dining environment.

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The branches at Wudaokou and Di'anmen attract flocks of guests, especially young Italian food lovers.

The experienced Italian chef Francesco Giordano has worked for a number of Michelin starred restaurants such as La Terrazza in Rome. Meanwhile, he also owns a spaghetti factory that supplies to high-end restaurants.

The pizzas are named after the co-owners of the restaurant. The thin and crispy crust is really tasty. Mixed flavoured pizza is able to meet different tastes.

拼接披萨Mixed Pizza

芦笋虾仁 饭Asparagus Shrimp

伦巴第 饺Lombardia Ravioli

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