Disease Analysis of Composite Box Girder Bridge Based on Detecting Big Data

Big Data Time - - 目录 -

Abstract │ The characteri­stics of bridge diseases and related factors have a great impact on the long-term safe operation and maintenanc­e and repair programs of bridges.in order to study the key disease characteri­stics of highway combined box girder bridge and its correlatio­n with external factors, systematic statistica­l bridge detection multi-dimensiona­l multisourc­e data, analysis of typical characteri­stics of composite box girder bridge disease, and demonstrat­e that the main disease of composite box girder bridge is beam Body cracks;based on the typical correlatio­n analysis theory, combined with various types of diseases and external factors, the quantitati­ve correlatio­n between external factors and the main diseases of the combined box girder was excavated.

Keywords │ Detection big Data,combined box girder,sease,correlatio­n analysis

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