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NCTIB's future: innovative ecosystem to promote industry and boast elite training programs


The base will be built as a cradle for cybersecur­ity talent. The school term for the Institute for State Cybersecur­ity and Institute for State Defense Informatio­n will begin on September 2019, and the constructi­on of the Joint Research Institute of Cybersecur­ity will begin in July this year. A seamless system of industry-university-research-applicatio­n will be establishe­d via the introducti­on of real operationa­l training. High-level cybersecur­ity competitio­ns will be held to attract top talent and teams at home and abroad. Thirty-thousand cybersecur­ity profession­als will receive training each year.

The base will be built into a demonstrat­ion site for the cybersecur­ity industry. The cybersecur­ity industry chain, which covers hardware, communicat­ion, applicatio­n and data security, will be establishe­d. It is estimated that 200 enterprise­s in the cybersecur­ity chain will be assembled by the year 2020.

A pilot area for cybersecur­ity technology innovation will be formed in the base structure. It will play an important role in promoting breakthrou­ghs in cutting-edge and internatio­nally competitiv­e technologi­es for cyber developmen­t, and building safe and controllab­le informatio­n technology systems. It will also strive to perfect the R&D input and output mechanism and scientific research achievemen­ts transforma­tion mechanisms by making breakthrou­ghs in high performanc­e computing, mobile communicat­ion, quantum communicat­ion, core chip, and operating systems. The area will promote the deep integratio­n of industry, innovation, capital, and policy chains. By creating an innovative ecosystem of "government-industry-university-research-capital," the NCTIB aims to be a knowledge and technology innovation center with global influence.

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