Metro Line 7 to open this year

Changjiang Weekly - - BUSINESS - By Zhang Xizhi

It was un­veiled on Au­gust 29 that Metro Line 7 will open to traf­fic later this year.

The first phase of Metro Line 7, with a to­tal length of 30.85 kilo­me­ters, starts from the Gar­den Expo North Sta­tion and ends at the Yezhihu Sta­tion. It will pass through Dongx­ihu, Qiaokou, Jiang­han, Jiang'an, Wuchang and Hong­shan districts. There are a to­tal of 19 sta­tions, in­clud­ing three trans­fer sta­tions al­ready in op­er­a­tion: Gar­den Expo North Sta­tion ( Line 6), Wuhan Busi­ness Dis­trict Sta­tion ( Line 3) and Xiang­gang Road Sta­tion (Line 3). Four newly-built trans­fer sta­tions are Sanyang Road Sta­tion, Pangx­iejia Sta­tion, Wuchang Rail­way Sta­tion and Hubei Univer­sity of Tech­nol­ogy Sta­tion. The sym­bolic color of Line 7 is phoenix orange.

Our re­porter re­cently vis­ited five themed sta­tions on the line.

De­signed as a "bright gal­axy," the dome of Wuhan Busi­ness Dis­trict Sta­tion fea­tures seven shades of blue from top to bot­tom. The art walls in Xiang­gang Road Sta­tion fully demon­strate a vivid and nat­u­ral Chi­nese ink-paint­ing artis­tic con­cep­tion. The art walls in Wangjiadun East Sta­tion re­pro­duce the his­tor­i­cal ap­pear­ance of Wangjiadun air­port us­ing the tech­niques of tra­di­tional Chi­nese paint­ing. Gar­den Expo North Sta­tion in­te­grates the color and model­ing el­e­ments re­lated to gar­dens and parks. The art walls in Gar­den Expo Sta­tion present the whole con­struc­tion process of Gar­den Expo Park and at the same time in­te­grate art­fully the el­e­ments of the Phoenix of the Chu State.

Gar­den Expo North Sta­tion

Xiang­gang Road Sta­tion

Wuhan Busi­ness Dis­trict Sta­tion

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