On Changes in China’s Circulation Industry Taking Retail Industry as the Breakthrough Point

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - ——Some Viewpoints on “New Retail” DING Jun-fa

(China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing,Beijing100045,China)

Abstract:The rapid development of IT and e-commerce triggers conflicts of different viewpoints in the field of retail,and cultivates new changes in China’s circulation industry. The changes will take retail industry as the breakthrough point and have significant space of development. The destination of “new retail”changes will be determined by the capability for market optimization of resources distribution and the ability for giving full play to the role of government in macro control. To fully understand the problem of“new retail”,first,we should fundamentally understand such four preconditions:the first one is involving retail into national economy,but not separating it from that;the second one is exploring the problem of big circulation and big market taking innovation and changes in retail industry as the breakthrough point;the third one is combining“new retail” with the new phase and new trend of China’s and global economic development;and the fourth one is integrating different viewpoints of “new retail” and looking for the common points. And second,we should understand the differences and connections between retail industry and circulation industry,clarify the position and function of China’s new retail industry changes in world retail industry changes,and understand the fundamental background of China’s“new retail”. Based on this,we can find that:the so called“new retail”is a kind of innovation of pattern;it is the breakthrough point for China’s circulation industry to transform from being traditional to modern,and from being extensive to intensive;and it is a key for us to solve the existing problem facing China’s circulation industry,make innovation in business pattern,and improve the vitality of circulation industry. The“new retail”should become the main force that will lead the fourth change in world retail industry.

Key words:“new retail”;the power of consumers;changes in retail industry;changes in circulation

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