Research on Logistics Service Supply Chain Integration

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - GAO Zhi-jun1,ZHU Wei-ping2 and CHEN Sheng-di1

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责任编辑:方程 (1.Shanghai Maritime University,Shanghai201306,China;2.Shanghai University of Engineering Science,


Abstract:The research on logistics integration has gone through the process that from third party logistics (TPL) integration to supply chain logistics integration and logistics service supplies chain integration. However,the connotation,structure and integration path of logistics service supply chain (LSSC) integration are still unclear. On the basis of TPL integration,supply chain logistics integration and service supply chain integration theory,the definition of LSSC integration is put forward,and then a comprehensive structure model of LSSC integration is established from the perspective of foundation,operation,management and strategy,and also the characteristics of LSSC integration s analyzed. LSSC integration is a part of manufacturing supply chain integration;compared to supply chain integration,LSSC integration pays more attention to logistics capability,value flow and relationship integration. And then,a comprehensive analysis framework is constructed based on the logic of integration antecedents,process,degree and results. At last,according to the conclusion of the study,the suggestions of logistics enterprises development is put forward. First of all,China's logistics enterprises should change their thinking mode,change from traditional exclusive thinking to integrated thinking. Secondly,in terms of strategy,China's logistics enterprises should set up the supply chain strategy and integrate themselves with the LSSC. Thirdly,in terms of management,logistics enterprises in China should strengthen information sharing and process coordination. Finally,in terms of operation,China's logistics enterprises should realize the integration of such five flows as service flow,information flow,capital flow,information flow and value flow through continuous resources integration,process optimization and relationship strengthening.

Key words:LSSC integration;integration model;comprehensive analysis framework

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