The Product Information Traceability and Security Model of B2C E-Platform from the Perspective of Blockchain

(Central University of Finance and Economics,Beijing100081,China) DING Qing-yang and ZHU Jian-ming

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET -

Abstract:Since 1990s,with the rapid development of e-commerce in China,there have been so many difficulties hindering the long- term development of online retail market. Especially,such problems as information asymmetry,product information traceability and security cannot be solved by routine governance method of online retail market. The problem of information traceability can be solved with the help of blockchain during the process of information collection,flow and sharing. And such problems as facticity,usability and completeness of information uploaded by blockchain can be solved with the help of the Internet of Things. We can solve the problem of information traceability and prevent the problem of information manipulation with the help of blackchain;and by combining the technology of the Internet of Things,we can solve the problem of product security.

Key words:blockchain;distributed network;waterfall effect;product information traceability;product security


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