Rebuilding Enterprises’Competitiveness in the Era of Big Data

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - WANG Zuo

(China North Industries Corporation,Beijing100053,China)

Abstract:Enterprise operational management and market competition has entered the era of Big Data. Big Data,the fruit of targeted economic behavior of enterprises and the derivatives of enterprise management,has become the important strategic resources with the help of IT. Big data comes from enterprise lean management,innovation in commercial pattern,requirement of risk control,the needs of future expectation,the historical accumulation,individual power conveyance,and the technological seizing. The management of Big Data is to discover behavior value connection,explore potential commercial profit,redistribute enterprise resources and give customers with more choices to enhance enterprise competitiveness,expand market scope,and obtain innovative profit. Capacity for Big Data analysis and mining is the important soft strength for the enterprise to compete with others,which can only be developed based on enterprises’development strategy,target,competitive strategy,basic problem, commercial logic,the principle of cost and efficiency,and enterprises’core market,business and resources. Rebuilding enterprises’competitiveness is the process from differentiated data mining,to differentiated management,and then to forming the differentiated competitive advantages. Based on the rising marginal utility of knowledge products,the most effective method for us to improve enterprises’competitiveness under the background of Big Data is to jointly collect,own and share the Big Data. The most important is to establish the open management structure of Big Data,and imbed Big Data management into enterprises’ operational process and make it to be the driving force of management related decision- making with the help of IT. Big Data management will provide enterprises with new supporting point in improving competitiveness,become the new driving force for us to promote economic booming and social progress,and become the new field of economics and management research.

Key words:Era of Big Data;Big Data management;enterprises’competitiveness;market innovation;circulation

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