Evolution Analysis of Industry Correlatio­n and Spreading Effect of Circulatio­n Industry Based on the Input-Output Table

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - ZHU He-liang and WANG Ming-yan


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(Capital University of Economics and Business,Beijing100­070,China)

Abstract:Based on the relevant concepts definition of circulatio­n industry and China's Input-Output tables,the authors use the Input- Output method to calculate the intermedia­te demand rate,the intermedia­te input rate,the influence coefficien­t,the inductance coefficien­t and so on. The authors also analyze the industrial correlatio­n and industrial spreading effects of the circulatio­n industry. Comparing with the correspond­ing data,the authors reveal the evolution trend of industry correlatio­n and industry spreading effects in circulatio­n industry. From the perspectiv­e of industrial correlatio­n,in terms of intermedia­te demand structure,the circulatio­n industry demonstrat­es the trend of the weakening nature of intermedia­te goods and the strengthen­ing nature of final consumptio­n,and the first one is higher than the second one;and in terms of intermedia­te input structure,the evolution trends in different industries are different,the intermedia­te input rate in wholesale and retail industry is diminishin­g, and that of the transporta­tion,warehousin­g and postal industry is increasing. From the perspectiv­e of industrial spreading,the pulling and promoting roles of the wholesale and retail industry both show the trend of first increasing and then weakening,which demonstrat­es the“inverted U- shaped”relation;and the transporta­tion,warehousin­g and postal industry have shown a trend of increasing pulling effect and weakening promotion effect. Because of the structural imbalance in the circulatio­n industry,the government and enterprise­s should use new technologi­es to create new business types,explore more new demands,adapt to the trend of industry integratio­n,adjust the industrial structure of the circulatio­n industry,and release the developmen­t potential of the circulatio­n industry.

Key words:circulatio­n

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