The Theory and Practice of 3PL

WANG Zhi-tai (Beijing Wuzi University,Beijing101149,China)

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Abstract:According to the position of person in charge of logistic related issues in commercial transaction,we can divide social logistics into 1PL,2PL,3PL and even the still fuzzy 4PL. Among these,the concept of 3PL is the new concept that existed after it has been accepted and popularized in the society extensively;it existed after market economy has become the dominant in national economy;it is the product of modern advanced market;and it is the derivative of economic globalization. Comparing to 1PL and 2PL,3PL is the product of specialization in the field of logistics;it has become the independent and special important industry in our national economy. In 3PL,the third party is the independent party other than seller and buyer; namely,the third party is the one who specially engages in commodity delivery. From the positioning of 3PL in national economy,3PL links with the 1PL and 2PL and becomes the independent“industry”of social logistics providing 1PL and 2PL with service. The main body of 1PL and 2PL is producers,and the positioning of 3PL is productive service industry taking logistics as the operational way to win different kinds of interests. At present,the development level of China’s 3PL is still very low,and its proportion in logistic market is only around 10%;and most of 3PLs are SMEs. There is still the lack of large 3PLs that can take part in international competition. To better promote the development of 3PL,we should give up the lagged behind idea of operation,improve the consciousness of service,reduce the cost of operation and management,decrease the loss of goods,shorten logistic time,and make innovation in technology and equipment.

Key words:3PL;specialization;productive service industry;idea of operation;consciousness of service

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