Research on the Connectivity of Software Infrastructure of the Belt and Road Initiatives

China Business and Market - - CONTENTS - ——Taking China-Indochina Peninsula Economic Corridor as an Example HU Guan-zi

(Renmin University of China,Beijing100872,China)

Abstract:In the process of the Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure connectivity,the software infrastructure has not received much attention compared to the study of hardware infrastructure. Software infrastructure includes not only a nation’s basis system,but also the supporting mechanism concerning trade facilitation and related hardware infrastructure. Based on the research of the software infrastructure,the author puts forward that:common boundary plays the positive role in improving trade;and the higher transportation efficiency of exporting country,the greater role it plays in promoting trade. Improving the business environment in China- Indochina Peninsula economic corridors is the supporting force for the promotion of regional trade. The connectivity of software infrastructure in China-Indochina Peninsula economic corridors can be carried out from both external coordination and internal reform. In terms of external coordination,we should try to make breakthrough achievement in multilateral coordination,or gradually integrate the bilateral resources to upgrade the multilateral action plan;and in terms of internal reform,we should increase the supply of public goods and services,optimize business environment,promote legal construction,and enhance the institutional guarantee.

Key words:the Belt and Road Initiatives;software infrastructure;China-Indochina Peninsula economic corridors

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