Multiple Goals of Cross-border E-Commerce Policy and Synergy Approach

(National Academy of Economics Strategy,CASS,Beijing100028,China)

China Business and Market - - News - ZHANG Hao

Abstract:China’s original cross- border e- commerce policy cannot adapt to the development of transaction modes;and because of the implementation problem concerning supervision,the new policy introduced in 2016 cannot be fully implemented. Difficulty in the design of cross- border e- commerce policy is that we have to consider such goals as promoting domestic and international market linkages,safeguarding fair competition,and supporting the development of e- commerce. And these goals correspond to the main concepts of trade policy,competition policy,and industrial policy,respectively. Based on the inspections and comparisons of international experience,the author tries to propose an approach to balance the multiple goals and form a concerted policy effort. In general,the establishment of a market with fairer competition should be regarded as the direction of policy improvement. On the one hand,the“policy dividend”exclusive to cross- border e- commerce should be promoted to a wider range;on the other hand,the traditional trade companies should be encouraged to achieve technology updates and model innovation. In this process,more functional industrial policies are needed;and direct interventions that are prone to complex effects should be reduced. The author also believes that we should be cautious when pursuing a single policy that includes multiple goals,and multiple policies may be adopted in a coordinated and balanced approach. Besides,being careful on institutional design at the implementation level will help to increase the acceptability of policy introduction.

Key words:cross-border e-commerce;taxation policy;fair competition;integration of domestic and foreign trade;goal



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