Research on the Influential Factors and Mechanism of Consumer Channel Migration between Online and Offline

China Business and Market - - News - (Beijing Technology and Business University,Beijing100048,China) CHEN Li-bin and TIAN Xiao-ran

Abstract:In recent years,with the rise of online shopping and the decline of physical shops,to better meet consumers’ flexible demand,more and more traditional retailers have been involved in online transaction;the o2o pattern has been popularized;and revolution in China’s multi-channel retail is coming. With the coming of this revolution,to better cope with the competition and challenges,it is necessary for retailers to understand how consumers migrate from offline channels to online channels and which factors influence the process. In order to explore the mechanism of this migration behavior,the authors take the Push-Pull theory as the theoretical basis of research,and put forward such six factors as perceived risk,channel attraction, network experience,subjective norm,life style,and consumer innovation,which could influence consumer’s online purchasing intentions. The empirical research shows that:life style,consumer innovation and network experience is promoting consumers’ migration from offline to online;subjective norm and channel attraction can promote the migration between online and offline; and perceived risk will constrain this migration. To better adapt to the form transformation of retail industry and foster their own competitive advantages,the retail enterprises should adjust their operational pattern and strategy according to consumers’ changed shopping habits. Specifically speaking,they should,first,adjust their shop retail strategy according to consumers’life style;second,they should integrate entertainment factors and enhance channel attraction;third,they should highlight shop operational theme and enhance consumers’experience happiness;fourth,they should add more experience product,especially normal searching product with low perceived risk,into their physical shops to attract more customers;and fifth,they should formulate consumers’objective norm with the help of group marketing.

Key words:channel migration;shopping motivation;perceived risk;channel attraction;life style

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