Feasibility Evaluation for Reverse Logistics of End-of-life Vehicles Battery

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Abstract:With the gradual expansion of the scale of the motor vehicle industry and the increasing consumption,a large number of waste batteries are accompanied. The implementation of the reverse logistics of batteries as an unavoidable “responsibility”in the supply chain is gradually attracting the attention of the company. In order to improve the operational efficiency of reverse logistics and prevent the waste of various resources,the authors conduct a feasibility study on the reverse logistics of end- of- life vehicle batteries. The study starts from three angles of economic benefits,ecological environmental benefits,and social benefits. Based on the influencing factors of the project,a comparative analysis of domestic and foreign evaluation methods is used to establish a feasible indicator system for reverse logistics of reversed storage battery,and a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is proposed. An improved fuzzy neural network combined with particle swarm optimization (PSO) optimized error back propagation (BP) neural network was used to evaluate the structural model,and the effectiveness of the model was validated using data simulation. Carrying out feasibility evaluation of reverse logistics of reversed-battery storage batteries and proposing corresponding control strategies based on feasibility levels can provide a theoretical basis for the enterprises engaged in battery recycling and treatment to focus on the prevention and control factors and overcome certain blindness. And the objectiveness,scientificity,practicality,and effectiveness of its evaluation directly affects the prospects and benefits of the implementation of reverse battery logistics.

Key words:end-of-life vehicles battery;reverse logistics;fuzzy comprehensive evaluation;neural network;circular econ⁃


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