Materialized Blockchain:the Perspective of Constructive System

China Business and Market - - News - ——Taking Zhongtong with Federal System as the Example JIN Ren-qun and ZHU Yi

(ZTO Express,Shanghai201708,China)

Abstract:With the maturing of technology,the application of blockchain has been extended from financial field to more diversified space,which triggered research on that. Essentially,the construction of blockchain exists on both the level of technology and pattern. In the dimension of pattern,enterprises with the federal system,such as Yuantong,Shentong, Zhongtong,and Yunda,have already had the characteristic of materialized blockchain in terms of organizational management, institution and credit system;though there are some differences in terms of form,content and process,the bottom pattern and logic of them are highly similar to each other. Analyzing the blockchain application in Zhongtong with federal system can show us the real situation of materialized blockchain and the characteristic of blockchain in express enterprises with the same pattern;and the focuses of content are on multi-centralized management,internal market construction,intervention power,credit system and consensus mechanism. By comparing to such characteristics of traditional blockchain pattern as decentralization and distrust,the materialized blockchain in express enterprises with federal system has demonstrated inheritance,reengineering and innovation. Different from traditional research path with the emphasis of technology and deducting,research focusing on pattern and empirical analysis can help us better understand and explain the“traditional”,and also“not traditional”express industry and organization,and testify the existence and evolution process of the materialized blockchain.

Key words:materialized blockchain;express industry;express enterprise with federal systemm;Zhongtong Express;the

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