The Origin and Development of Brand Emotion

——Based on Emotional Marketing Literature Review

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SU Yong1,2,FANG Ling-zhi1 and CHEN Yun-yong3

(1.School of Management,Fudan University,Shanghai200433 China;2.East Management Research Center,Fudan University, Shanghai200433,China;3.Fuda Brand Research Insititution,Shanghai200433,China)

Abstract:Under the background of Internet development,and with the rapid development of online shopping,e-commerce and virtual community,we can directly obtain information about products and brands through online platform,and make shopping related decisions. During the whole process,both the rational and irrational factors (emotional factors) play their important roles. With emotional marketing literature review,we find that consumers’brand emotion is the important factor in the relation between consumers and brand,and it plays the important role in brand management. Brand experience,the basis for consumers to contact with brand,is the important sources for consumers’brand emotion;and it can promote consumers’ individual brand affection, stimulate consumers’ willingness to buy, and realize enterprises’ target of brand emotional marketing. In terms of the extension of consumers’brand emotion,and according to the strength of consumer- brand emotion relation,consumers’brand emotion can be divided into four classes. To better promote brand emotional marketing,future research on development mechanism,emotion strength,special emotion,and emotion affiliation of consumers’brand emotion should be more in-depth and extended.

Key words:brand emotion;emotional marketing;brand experience;brand attachment;brand emotion trust

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