Customer Dynamic Coping Mechanism in SSTs Service Failure

PENG Yan-jun (Beijing Technology and Business University,Beijing100048,China)

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Abstract:With the rapid development of IT and Internet technology,self- service in China has entered the stage of rapid development. Similar to traditional service,there will also exist service failure in self- service;and the lower capability for operation and less experience will lead to more service failure. In the context of self-service failure,if the customers cope with the failure appropriately has close relation with not only customers’satisfaction,but also the maintenance and appreciation of tangible asset(SST device)and intangible asset(the goodwill of enterprise). Customer coping is a dynamic and interactive process. To better reflect this process,we should start from such three aspects as motivation,opportunity and capability,and adopt the dynamic and interactive methods. For processes not involving enterprises remedy,we should carry out research from customer coping with the failure itself based on the issue;and for processes involving enterprises remedy,we should carry out research from the interactive angle. Besides,because customer coping behavior will heavily depend on social and cultural factors, and customer coping with different cultural background and value system will quiet different with each other,research on China’s customer coping should be based on China’s cultural background.

Key words:self-service;service failure;customer coping;dynamic mechanism

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