Factors Driving Customer Win-back for E-commerce Enterprises

——A Logistic Regression Analysis Based on the Field Survey Data LI Jing-qiang1 and LIU Feng-jun2

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(1. Beijing Wuzi University,Beijing101149,China;2.Renmin University of China,Beijing100872,China) Abstract:With the rapid development of online consumption in China,competition among e- commerce enterprises has become more fierce;win-back of lost customer,the important content of Customer Relation Management (CRM),has become the hot issue in e- commerce enterprises’CRM. Based on 451 field survey questionnaires data and the logistic regression analysis,it is found that:the lost customers’demographic characteristics,the first- lifetime experiences and behaviors,the reason for defection,and the nature of the win-back offer are all related to the likelihood of their reacquisition. The results also show that:young,highly educated male customers are more likely to be won back,while female customers with high income are harder;customers with longer first- lifetime experience,longer stay time,and longer break- in period will be easier to be won back;and price promotion and relationship investment strategy is still effective to the win- back of lost customers. To better improve CRM and improve the performance of customer win-back,we should,first,further improve customer related material in CRM database,do a better job in customer profile related Big Data;second,we should establish the perfect data management system,and carry out periodic win-back activities;third,we should divide lost customers into different classes,and adopt the suitable strategies;and fourth,we should continuously improve commodity and service quality based on the essence of consumption upgrading.

Key words:e-commerce enterprises;customer defection;customer win-back;win-back offer;Logistic Regression Model

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