The Measurement and Analysis of Industrial Coordination Level in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

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(1.Graduate School,Party School of the CPC Central Committee,Beijing100091,China;2.Hebei Party School of the CPC

Central Committee,Shijiazhuang050061,China)

Abstract:Industrial coordination is the important carrier and physical support for regional coordination;the essence of regional coordination is industrial coordination;the enhance of regional competitive strength will depend on the improvement of industrial coordination;and the depth and width of industrial coordination will determine the process of regional coordination. Industrial coordination is the complex,open and inclusive system,which will be influenced by many factors in such five aspects as coordination space,cost,capability,system and innovation. The coordinative development strategy has profound impact on the industrial coordinative development in this region. Beijing has the broadest coordination space,the strongest coordination capability,the best institutional environment,and the most advanced coordinative innovation level,so it plays the most important role in industrial coordination in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region,which directly determines the coordination process in this region. Tianjin has sound coordination space,capability,system and innovation,so it is the important strength to connect between the preceding and the following and between the past and the future in industrial coordination in this region. Hebei has the most narrow coordination space,the weakest coordination capability,not better coordination system,and the lowest level of coordinative innovation;besides,it also has the lowest coordination cost,the greatest potential to improve in terms of coordination capability and innovation;though the position of Hebei in industrial coordination in this region is low,there is still more basis and opportunity for Hebei to surpass and develop.

Key words:Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei;industrial coordination;coordination degree;index system

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