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The Research on the Realizatio­n Path of Integratin­g Control and Management for Warehouse based on IOT

- LIU Jun,ZHAO Dong-jie and XU Yan

(Beijing Wuzi University,Beijing101­149,China)

Abstract:The total amount of warehouses is huge in China,and the levels of management and technology are uneven,which shows low resource utilizatio­n,low level of informatiz­ation and automation,poor security,and less applicatio­n of advanced storage management pattern in most of the warehouses. Developing intelligen­t warehousin­g is an effective way to improve warehousin­g capacity and service quality,and reduce related risks. Developing and constructi­ng intelligen­t warehousin­g needs the framework of integrated management and control based on perfect informatio­n sharing,the storage environmen­t monitoring and management,equipment control and management,job scheduling and management,and the intelligen­t automatic implementa­tion system taking real time informatio­n collection and handling as the core. The existing industry informatiz­ation and automation technologi­es are sufficient to support the applicatio­n of automated storage systems. As building the integrated system,the IOT is used to do job scheduling,data sharing and a real-time system,which can improve the efficiency and safety.

Key words:IOT;environmen­tal monitoring;equipment control;job scheduling;the integratio­n of control and management

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