The Evolution of Fresh Retail Formats in China from the Perspective of Ecological Niche Theory

CHEN Yao-ting1 and Hua Zhi-qin2 (1.Minnan Normal University Zhangzhou363000,China;2.Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Quanzhou362400,China)

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Abstract:The evolution process of business form of fresh retailing in China is similar to the ecological niche evolution of the natural ecosystem,which can be analyzed by following the evolution rules of species niche. Therefore,based on niche theory,the authors first analyze the evolution stage of the business form of fresh agricultural products in China. During this evolution process,there exists the phenomenon of ecological niche overlap,coexistence and replacement;the intrinsic driving force for the evolution is competition within the ecological environment and competition among different business forms;and consumption demand is the guiding force for this evolution. The external incentives for this evolution include resources, technology,system and geographic position;resources is the material condition;technology is the necessary tool;system is the guarantee and assistance of fresh retailing industry;and geographic position determines the advantages and disadvantages of fresh shops. At present,the business form of China’s fresh retailing industry should be development on the way to ecologization,and improved to a higher competitive level;the weak cold chain infrastructure should be perfects;and there should be some imporovement and innovation in terms of competitive strategy,policy support strategy and technological innovation strategy.

Key words:the theory of Ecological Niche;the business form of fresh products retailing;evolution

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