New Thoughts on the Index of Social Logistics Cost and Competitiveness

CUI Xiao-di

China Business and Market - - ニュース -

(Tianjin University of Technology and Education,Tianjin300222,China)

Abstract:"The proportion of social logistics cost in GDP" is a common index to measure the social logistics cost and competitiveness at home and abroad. In addition,some scholars put forward the index of "the proportion of social logistics cost in total value of social logistics goods". But these two indexes are greatly influenced by the industrial structure and other factors,and there are some drawbacks when using them to measure the differences of the social logistics cost and competitiveness between different economies or different times in the period of optimization and adjustment of industrial structure in the same economy. After the analysis of "eliminating the affecting factors of industrial structure",the new method is proposed to measure the social logistics cost and competitiveness from "the perspective of logistics demand". According to the time series data of China for the last ten years,it is found that the index values obtained by the two new methods are highly correlated. Considering that the second method is more convenient,from the perspective of logistics demand,the social logistics costs of China and USA are compared and analyzed,and the conclusion is drawn that the "contrast value" of the social logistics cost between China and USA is basically equivalent in the new perspective. It also puts forward the thinking that the social logistics cost should be further compared in the case of subdivision,and give more specific ideas to reduce the logistics cost in China.

Key words:social logistics cost;competitiveness;industrial structure;logistics demand;index;comparison between China and USA

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