(Central South University of Forestry and Technology,Changsha,Hunan410004,China)

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Abstract:With the coming of Internet Plus and the development of Big Data,logistics enterprises are paying more and more attention to the data itself. The traditional driving pattern has been replaced by data driving,which has become the new development direction of China’s logistics enterprises. With the help of multiple case study and five classical cases,the author carries out the empirical test on the pattern,characteristic and rules of data- based innovation in logistic enterprises. It is found that:data-based innovation pattern in logistics enterprises is different from that in other emerging enterprises such as electronic product enterprises;and data flywheel and flywheel effect in data-based innovation logistics enterprises is unique. Though there are some differences between data-based innovation in other emerging enterprises and in logistics enterprises,there are also some similarities in terms of characteristic,rule,and application scope;and data-based innovation in logistics enterprises has the same vitality and creativity,the potential of innovation should be further explored.

Key words:logistics enterprise;data driving;data flywheel;flywheel effect;big data technology

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