Research on the Open Service Innovation Pattern of Circulation Enterprises

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - ——An Integration Perspective of Resource Flow Direction and Innovation Organization Forms

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(Enterprise Institute,Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences,Guangzhou510635,China)

Abstract:With the development of new generation of IT,the Internet industry and digital technology,science and innovation activity demonstrates characteristics such as open,internet- based,and globalization;the specialization in service industry has been deepened;innovation in service industry has become more internet-based;and transboundary integration in the service industry has been deepened. In terms of resources flow direction,the rapid change in market demand promotes multidirectional flow of resources on organizational boundary,and promotes changes in innovation pattern;in terms of forms of innovation organization,the characteristics of platformation and integralization is becoming more obvious,which is making circulation enterprises to be stronger and obtaining more market share. By combining different directions of resource flows and innovation organization forms,open service innovation patterns of circulation enterprises are further subdivided into five types: three- dimensional service,value- chain integrated,solution provider,cross- border integrated and bilateral market coupled. Among them,three-dimensional service and value-chain integrated patterns belong to inbound open service innovation,which can produce scope economic effects; solution provider and cross- border integrated patterns are outbound open service innovation,which is conducive to form scale economic effects;and combining both types of integration and platformization, bilateral market coupled pattern is a form of outside to the outside open service innovation which can help firms obtain composite values of transaction and innovation. To realize open service innovation patterns mentioned above,China’s circulation enterprises should develop capacity base,construct ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship,and build global service innovation value chain.

Key words:circulation enterprise;open service innovation;multi-directional flow of resources;integration;platformization

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