The Reform and Prospect of Blockchain-based E-payment

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(University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai200093,China)

Abstract:As a subversive technology sweeping the globe,the blockchain's decentralization,de- trusting and de- risking features can well solve the problems of high cyber security risks,low credit,lack of legal supervision and high cost of payment. The blockchain-based e-payment system bypasses the information intermediary through peer-to-peer transaction,which realizes the trust interaction between the two parties under the blockchain digital signature technology,and replaces the traditional contract with the smart contract to avoid the contract execution due to human emotional factors. It changes and takes advantage of the credit management system to achieve intelligent supervision to simplify the e- payment process,assist in comprehensive supervision,and avoid hidden risks. However,the blockchain- based e- payment system has risks in technology,resources and legal supervision. Considering the current limitations of blockchain technology,the immature regulatory system and the shortterm stickiness of modern e- payment systems,with the continuous extension of blockchain technology and the advancement of interest rate marketization,only under the premise of perfecting the laws of e-payment and guiding the innovation of blockchain technology by the government,will the healthy development of blockchain-based e-payment system be promoted.

Key words:blockchain;e-payment;payment system;decentralization;intelligent supervision

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