Research on Manufacturing Enterprises’Global Purchasing from the Perspective of Management and International Economics

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(Minzu University of China,Beijing100081,China)

Abstract: The research on global sourcing of manufacturing enterprises is very popular in the academic areas of management and international economics. Global sourcing attracted research enthusiasm firstly in the area of management involving many aspects such as the concept of global sourcing,the strategy and development stages of global sourcing,the integration and coordination of global sourcing,and the effects of global sourcing on enterprise’s competitiveness. In the area of international economics,taking P. Antràs as a representative,has focused the mechanisms of location selection and organization of global sourcing. However,the research in China in the name of global sourcing is still emerging. And the research taking Chinese manufacturing enterprise as the purchasing enterprise is scarce. Chinese manufacturing enterprises are still young in the process of industrialization. Their way to control the global value chain is different from those of American or European enterprises. Therefore,the current research mostly taking American or European enterprises as the purchasing enterprises may not be able to explain the mechanisms of Chinese enterprise’s global sourcing. In current time,taking Haier company as an example,more and more Chinese manufacturing enterprises are doing global sourcing. The Belt and Road Inovative provides a broad opportunity for Chinese enterprises’global sourcing. The coming age of information and internet also challenge the practice of global sourcing. Based on the research gap and the practice demand,Chinese scholars should speed up the research on Chinese manufacturing enterprises’global sourcing. Firstly,the difference of global sourcing mechanisms between Chinese and western manufacturing enterprises should be explored. Secondly,the strategy and patterns of China’s global sourcing should be inspected considering the position of China’s pivotal position in the double loop of the global value chain and with the background of the Belt and Road initiative. Thirdly,the global sourcing integration and coordination of those leading Chinese enterprises should be studied at the micro research level. Lastly,the new issues should be addressed reflecting the characteristics of the information and internet age.

Key words:manufacturing enterprises;global sourcing;international sourcing;international supply chain

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