The Smart Trading Area Under the Background of Experience Economy:Theoretical Explanation and Construction Path

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(Beijing Institute of Economic and Social Development,Beijing100120,China)

Abstract: Under the background of experience economy, smart trading area is a kind of new service experience environment or service ecosystem,which uses information and communication technologies to integrate business service of traditional trading area to realize the integration and complementation of different forms of business,information connectivity, the sharing of customer resources,and targeted marketing services;it is also a new type of trading area. From the perspective of content and framework,the smart trading area generally includes data center,smart guidance,smart transportation,smart marketing,etc. It is composed of two parts,namely physical trading area and virtual trading area service platform. From the perspective of characteristics,the smart trading area is significantly different from the traditional trading area in terms of functional objectives,factor driven,operation mode,spatial form and driving subject. As a systematic new business service solution,the innovation pattern of smart trading area is embodied in six dimensions,including new service concept,new customer interaction,new service value network,new revenue distribution model and new service delivery system. With the support and encouragement of policies,the construction practice of smart trading area has been carried out in a number of cities in China,which has not only make significant achievements,but also encountered problems such as the lack of integrity in the construction concept,insufficient integration of online and offline construction strategies,poor construction of consumption experience and urgent construction of institutional norms. Based on the theoretical perspective of service ecosystem,the construction path of smart trading area should be promoted from three aspects:the first one is to build an open service platform with multi- win value network;the second one is to enhance consumer satisfaction with diversified service experience;and the third one is to guarantee the sustainable development environment with multi-level institutional norms.

Key words:smart trading area;virtual trading area;experience economy;service ecosystem;innovation pattern

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