Some Problems Facing the High Quality Development of China’s Logistics Industry

China Business and Market - - CHINA BUSINESS AND MARKET - HE Li-ming

(China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing,Beijing100045,China)

Abstract:With China’s economic growth entering into the high quality development phase,logistics industry,the fundamental,strategic and leading industry that supporting the development of national economy,has also entered the key period of transformation to high quality development. To adapt to the domestic and foreign economic development,while keeping stable and making adjustment and innovation,China’s logistics industry has made great achievements such as adjusting and upgrading the structure of supply and demand,speeding up the replacement of old growth drivers,unlocking vitality,promoting the development of logistic infrastructure,continuously optimizing policy environment for logistics. However,we should understand that:at present,the disparities between the people ever-growing need for a better life and logistic quality and efficiency are still substantial;the structural overcapacity in logistics is still serious;government-imposed transaction cost is still high;governmentimposed barriers hindering innovation have not yet been overcome;weakness in terms of logistic infrastructure still exists;and the pressure of environment protection is till severe. To better support the high quality development of modern economic system, comprehensively upgrade China’s logistic competitiveness,and build a modern logistic strong country in the new era,we should comprehensively deepen reform,accelerate restructuring,the replacement of old growth drivers,and transformation and upgrading,and overcome all barriers facing the high quality development of China’s logistics industry. Specifically speaking,we should,first,promote restructuring in transportation,and solve the problem of structural overcapacity;second,we should promote reform in streamlining administration and slashing taxes and fees,and reducing government- imposed transaction cost; third,we should further develop smart logistics,and overcome government- imposed barriers hindering innovation and development;fourth,we should strengthen related infrastructure network,and shore up weak links in infrastructure;and fifth,we should accelerate the green development of logistics to meet the requirement of preventing pollution and protecting environment.

Key words:logistics industry;high quality development;structural overcapacity;government-imposed cost;governmentimposed

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