Research on the Influence of Audience’s EVLN Behaviors in WeChat Subscription Number from the Perspective of Psychological Contract Breach

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GUO Hai-ling1 and HU Ruo-jing2 (1.Hebei University,Baoding071000,China;2.Baoding University,Baoding071000,China)

Abstract: The operation effect of WeChat subscription number is closely related to audience behavior. For the comprehensive analysis of audience’s behaviors of WeChat subscription number,from the perspective of psychological contract, the authors deeply explore the impact mechanism of motivation gratifications on psychological contract breach,and psychological contract breach on exit,voice,loyalty,and neglect (EVLN) behaviors. Through the network questionnaire survey,samples were obtained and Smart PLS software was used to validate the research model. The results show that:(1)the impact of environmental monitoring motivation gratification on transactional psychological contract breach, interpersonal relationship motivation gratification on relational psychological contract breach,and self- identity motivation gratification on ideological psychological contract breach is significant negative respectively;however,mood conversion motivation gratification has no significant impact on the relational psychological contract breach.(2)the impact of transactional psychological contract breach on EVLN behavioral intention is not significant. (3) The relational psychological contract breach has a significant negative impact on the subscriber’s voice and loyalty behaviors;has a significant positive impact on the subscriber’s neglect behavior;and has no significant impact on exit behavior. (4) the ideological psychological contract breach has no significant impact on subscriber’s voice,loyalty, neglect behaviors;and the ideological psychological contract breach has a significant negative impact on subscriber’s exit behavior. To have a better understanding of customers,we should improve the value and impact power of WeChat subscription number,and realize the sustainable development. And the operators of WeChat subscription number should fully take advantage of the limited resources,enhance the interaction,moderately increase content and styles that not in accordance with target audiences’accepted value to stimulate their curiousness,improve their activeness,and avoid the exit behavior.

Key words:WeChat subscription number;theory of Uses and Gratifications;psychological contract breach;EVLN behaviors

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