Research on the Problems and Measures of Cross-border E-commerce Based on the Block Chain Technology

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LI Hai-bo (Zhengzhou University,Zhengzhou,Henan451150,China)

Abstract:In recent years,with the deterioration of international trade environment,China’s import and export trade growth has been slowed sharply. The new trade model represented by cross-border e-commerce is developing rapidly;and it is gradually becoming an important engine of China's foreign trade growth. However,issues such as cross- border logistics,cross- border payments and the quality of cross-border goods exposed in real trade activities have seriously hampered the development of this new model of trade. In order to alleviate this contradiction,based on the traceability and timestamp technology of blockchain data and combined with the technology of the Internet of Things,first,we should establish the all-process monitoring system for the cross-border warehousing and transportation;second,by using the point-to-point transmission of blockchain and the distributed consensus algorithm,we should promote the circulation of common digital currency in the cross- border payment system,and establish the digital currency equivalent real value platform;third,by using the tamper- proofing characteristics and timestamp technology,we should establish the electronic label for commodity traceability to realize the all-process monitoring,get rid of the hierarchical agent structure,and ensure the authenticity of the sources of goods from the source.

Key words:blockchain;cross-border e-commerce;cross-border logistics;cross-border payment;digital currency

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