Relevance Study of Store Layout,Consumer Experience and Visit Intention

—— Based on the Comparison of Chinese and Japanese Chain Convenience Stores

China Business and Market - - NEWS - GUO Jun-hui (Zhejiang University of Science and Technology,Hangzhou310023,China)

Abstract:The study focuses on the motivational differences of consumer experience and the visit intention between Chinese and Japanese convenience stores. Based on 291 questionnaires,the author carries out thesystematic research. First,there are three common store layout dimensions,such as product placement,display decoration and economy,which have effects on customer's buying experience;while the dimension of economy has the least effect. second,if the customers' daily buying habits are more fully decision,then the buying experience will be better in the convenience store;in addition,the Japanese convenience store have better customer buying experience than Chinese convenience store,so the customers’visit intention will be more higher. Third,the sufficiency and balance of the customers’daily decision-making and store coordinated experience can only increase visit intention to Chinese convenience store,but store overall experience will increase visit intention to both the Chinese and Japanese convenience stores. The development of convenience stores should still focus on the chain operation,adhere to brand building, group development and being higher- end, improve the mixture of goods, the style of stores and brand individualization,meet customers’demand from both utilitarian and hedonic nature,develop commodity and service with time synchronization,and learn from advantages of shopping malls,super market and online stores.

Key words:retailing institute;commerce positioning;shopping habit;consumption culture

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