Driving-force,Framework,and Suggestions on the Development of Intelligent Logistics

China Business and Market - - 目 次 - WANG Shuai1 and LIN Tan2

(1.Renmin University of China,Beijing100872,China;2.Tongji University ,Shanghai200092,China) Abstract:Logistics informalization in China has entered into a new era of intelligent logistics,which is featured by the digitalization of logistics process and the industrialization of logistics data. There are several reasons for the speeding up of intelligent logistics,including the scale economy of logistics industry reaching break point,the entering of high-tech startups due to resource integration benefits,the upgrading of logistic demands,the commercial application of intelligent technology and the replacement of robotics to overcome the shortage of labor force. Within the core logic framework of the intelligent logistics era, logistics activities will be composed of basic layer,operation layer,perception layer,transmission layer,analysis layer and decision-making layer,featuring automatic perception,self-judgment,intelligent decision-making,automatic execution,deep coordination and intelligent learning. To better promote the development of China’s intelligent logistics,and changes in the pattern of modern logistic operation,operational management as well as government regulation,we should fully understand the existing barriers hindering the development of China’s intelligent logistics,further perfect the standardization of intelligent logistics system,accelerate the digital transformation of logistics enterprises,give full play to the role of the coordinated sharing space,strengthen the data cooperation between government and enterprises,and extend to the down- and up- stream industrial chain.

Key words:intelligent

logistics;logistics informalization;digital transformation of logistic business;the industrialization of logistics data;organizational patterns

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