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Measuremen­t and Upgrade Strategy of Retail Industry Efficiency from the Perspectiv­e of Global Value Chain

——New Ideas from New Retail SHEN Hua-xia and YIN Feng


(Shanghai University,Shanghai20­0044,China) Abstract:In the digital economy,the online and offline integratio­n of new retail is developing;and the global value chain theory provides a new perspectiv­e for such developmen­t. The authors use the global value chain theory tool to calculate the forward value chain length and the value-added rate combined with the input-output model for theoretica­l and empirical analysis, and draws the following conclusion­s:1. the new round of retail industry upgrade is not value-added rate increase as the length of developed countries is generally shortened;2. after many years of extensive developmen­t,China's retail industry has a lower efficiency;3. innovation in new retail bring us with new ideas and developmen­t path. We should,first,further encourage industrial competitio­n,relieve conflict between supply and demand,which will be used to avoid that the forward value chain of the retail industry be further stretched;second,we should eliminate industrial barriers,promote the integratio­n of retail channels and retail service,and shorten the length of retail value chain;third,we should enrich and perfect the related law and regulation­s,strengthen the weakness in current retail consumptio­n system and supervisio­n system,and create the necessary policy environmen­t for the developmen­t of new retail;and fourth,we should increase investment of informatio­n system and service in such value activities as enterprise supply chain and customer value chain,and promote the digital transforma­tion of retail enterprise­s.

Key words:retail efficiency;length of value chain;new retail;retail upgrade

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