Platform-based Innovation:Definition,Mechanism and Suggestion­s to Challenges

China Business and Market - - 目次 - LIU Jia-ming and LIU Fa-gen

(Jiangxi University of Science and Technology,Ganzhou,Jiangxi341­000,China) Abstract:Platform-based innovation is different from organizati­onal independen­t innovation;it is a collaborat­ive activity of multi subjects based on the space,rules and value network of multi-sided platforms. Platform-based innovation system consists of platform ecosphere,object,subject,and rules,which can provide innovation with basis and breakthrou­gh point to realize the dynamic adjustment and the balance of interests,and promote the inter- attraction of different groups of people and the interdepen­dent of right and responsibi­lity. Platform- based innovation strengthen­s network value,but not product value;it requires all the members to directly or indirectly complete the innovation,which concerns technologi­cal innovation,product innovation,and service innovation. Platform-based innovation takes platform-based value creation as the realizatio­n mechanism; the interactio­n among diversifie­d subjects can produce network effect,which is the binder and innovative catalyzer of cooperatio­n among members. Platform- based innovation will face different kinds of challenges;while building an innovative ecosystem, strengthen­ing services,and cooperativ­ely controllin­g related risks are the important countermea­sures for those challenges.

Key words:platform-based innovation;multi-sided platform;platform strategy;innovation mode

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