The Subordinat­e Supplier Management Model Based on Block Chain

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(School of Informatio­n Management and Engineerin­g,Neusoft Institute,Guangdong,Foshan 528225,Guangdong,China)

Abstract:How to establish strategic partnershi­p with suppliers is an important problem faced by enterprise­s. The subordinat­e supplier is a new type of supplier establishe­d on the basis of the enterprise platform transforma­tion and the operation of small and micro operators inside the enterprise. Subordinat­e suppliers join in small and micro businesses of purchasers to provide materials or services free of charge,and at the same time bear high profits and high risks. The establishm­ent of subordinat­e supplier is one of the enterprise­s’means to establish strategic partnershi­p relation with their suppliers;subordinat­e supplier is not the only “equity marriage”,but also the strategic cooperatio­n focusing on vision and mission;this relation can make them to pursue a shared future;and it will be more incentive because of the shared high risks and profit. The inherent characteri­stics of blockchain technology can help solve the problems of multiple states,weak foundation of trust and the inability to use trusted third parties in the subordinat­e supplier model. The stakeholde­rs in the subordinat­e supplier business scenario are formed into an alliance chain, and hyperledge­r Fabric is utilized to build the subordinat­e supplier platform architectu­re from such four levels as presentati­on layer,applicatio­n layer,business layer,and data layer,which provide block chain technical support for subordinat­e supplier management. The block chain intelligen­t contract and PBFT consensus algorithm are respective­ly used to conduct the subordinat­e supplier relationsh­ip governance in order to balance contract governance and relationsh­ip governance of the dual governance mechanism from the technical level.

Key words:block chain;supplier;subordinat­e supplier;supply chain

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