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US must make common cause against virus for a turnaround


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, in the first half of last year, the average life expectancy of US nationals dropped from 78.8 to 77.7, the largest fall since World War II.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the main reason for this. As of the weekend, the death toll from the disease was nearly 500,000, the most in the world.

The vulnerabil­ity of the US in the face of the virus, despite its strong comprehens­ive national power, originates from the mess caused by its domestic political divide.

Some politician­s, including some in key public health and pandemic prevention and control posts, have not fulfilled their duties, as they are more keen on blaming the mess in the US on other countries and parties than facing up to the reality of the country’s flawed response.

Their divisive efforts explain why it is difficult for the US to coordinate actions to effectivel­y fight the virus, which has been effectivel­y subdued in many other countries and regions.

The ethnic divisions and income gaps in the US also determine that it is very difficult for the people to unite and act together to overcome the virus.

The average life span of African Americans has declined from 74.7 to 72, the largest fall among all ethnic groups in the US, according to the CDC, highlighti­ng their disproport­ional suffering.

The CDC said the death rates of African Americans and Latin Americans due to COVID-19 are three times that of whites, because they lack the necessary means to access nucleic acid tests and treatment when needed.

The after effects of the policies of the previous administra­tion have not ended with it leaving office. The new administra­tion still has a lot to do to gain the upper hand over the virus and regain the world’s trust that it is rallying to the common cause.

Uniting the nation and cooperatin­g with other countries in the fight against the virus would be a good beginning for the administra­tion, not only saving US lives, but also promoting global solidarity.

Facing the still grave pandemic situation, the US should no longer waste time on political stigmatism. Only after it puts people’s lives first will the US re-find its position in the world and history.

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