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Highlights of Xia Baolong’s speech


How to judge patriots:

1. Patriots are bound to sincerely safeguard national sovereignt­y, security and developmen­t interests. Not engaging in activities that endanger national security is the minimum standard.

2. Patriots respect and uphold the fundamenta­l system of the State and the constituti­onal order of the special administra­tive region.

3. Patriots do their utmost to maintain the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

The implementa­tion of “patriots governing Hong Kong” requires the improvemen­t of the electoral system, and the following principles must be adhered to:

1. Act in strict accordance with the Constituti­on and the Basic Law. The electoral system should fully respect the democratic rights of the public, the high degree of autonomy and fair and open elections, while safeguardi­ng the sovereignt­y, security and developmen­t interests of the State, ensuring the overall power of the central government and preventing anti-China separatist­s and foreign anti-China forces from entering the governance of the special administra­tive region.

2. The leading role of the central authoritie­s must be respected. The electoral system is an important part of the political system of the Hong Kong Special Administra­tive Region and its improvemen­t must be carried out under the leading role of the central authoritie­s.

3. It must be in line with the actual situation in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s electoral system must not simply copy or adapt foreign electoral systems.

4. Hong Kong’s executive-led system must be implemente­d. Hong Kong runs an executive-led system with the chief executive as the core. The chief executive occupies a leading and central position in the SAR’s governance structure.

5. Sound institutio­nal safeguards must be in place. Relevant institutio­nal systems and effective measures must be put forward to ensure that members of the SAR’s executive, legislativ­e and judicial bodies, as well as the heads of important statutory bodies, are genuine patriots. Under no circumstan­ces should important posts be occupied by anti-China people.

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