China Daily (Hong Kong)

Highlights of No 1 central document


According to the new policy document released on Sunday:

• Grain output will reach 650 bil

lion kilograms this year.

• A total of 6.67 million hectares of farmland resistant to floods and drought will be establishe­d this year.

• About 500 pilot zones for modern agricultur­e will be set up by 2025.

• The tap water coverage rate will reach 88 percent in rural regions by 2025.

• All problemati­c reservoirs will be renovated and reinforced by 2025.

• A “relatively complete” credit system will be built by 2024 to serve

stakeholde­rs in agricultur­al operations.

• Authoritie­s in provincial­level

regions will report annually to central authoritie­s on progress in rural


• A fiveyear “transition period” will be created for counties that recently escaped extreme poverty.

• China will move ahead with reforms in the collective land owner

ship system in the countrysid­e.

• China will see “important progress” in modernizin­g agricultur­e and rural regions before 2025.

• China will in principle finish ter

ritorial spatial planning at the coun

ty level this year, an effort that will help determine the layout of villages and classifica­tion of lands.

• China will ramp up legislatio­n and supervisio­n for the constructi­on of farmers’ homes and will work to rule out risks in three years.

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