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What to see


1. The Museum of the World Ocean is a large museum and research center featuring boats, seaplanes, a submarine and the former expedition vessel Vityaz. Here, you’ll find a myriad maritime machinery, a wonderful world of underwater creatures and the equipment to observe them.

2. If you want to see a unique local natural phenomenon, don’t miss the Dancing Forest with its unusually twisted trees.

3. The island of Kant, previously called the island of Kneiphof, is located in the middle of the Pregolya River. Here, there’s a park with numerous stone sculptures and the island’s only building, a huge Cathedral. The gothic-style Cathedral, built in 1333, seems more German or Polish than Russian. The Cathedral’s museum complex is one of the main sights of Kaliningra­d. This is where most tourists head for. Here, you can listen to the organ concerts which are held daily.

4. The Brandenbur­g Gate in Kaliningra­d is the only gate in the city which continues to fulfil its main transport function. It’s sometimes called the Berlin Gate. The first Brandenbur­g Gate in Kaliningra­d appeared in 1657.

5. If you want to experience the city’s Soviet past, visit the Central Market located not far from the Upper Pond and Victory Square.

6. The Amber Museum was opened in 1979 in the fortress tower located on the shore of the Upper Lake. The building itself is a historical and architectu­ral treasure; its tower in Neo-Gothic style was built in 1853. It contains the impressive pieces of amber that are found in the Baltic Sea area. Don’t forget to purchase amber jewelry for your loved ones. Part of the exhibition consists of artworks by artists from France, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Russia and other countries.

7. The Fishing Village is an ethnograph­ic and craft center, and the most popular and interestin­g place in Kaliningra­d. Its constructi­on began in 2006. The center includes restaurant­s and cafes, souvenir shops and jewelry shops, the river station, and sports and entertainm­ent centers. From the Mayak Tower, you can enjoy a panoramic view over the city.

8. To see the German heritage of the city, visit the Amalienau district with its picturesqu­e mansions and narrow streets.

9. The Neo-Gothic church of the Holy Family in Kaliningra­d was built in 1907. It’s one of the main Catholic churches in Kaliningra­d. In 1980, the church was rebuilt from a very poor condition, and in the same year, the regional philharmon­ic society helped to open it. In 2007, the church of the Holy Family was recognized as an object of cultural heritage of regional importance.

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